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B U C K I N G H A M S H I R E 
N E W  U N I V E R S I T Y

Bachelor of Arts in Media Production

Kaëlla is currently studying Media Production at BNU. She is studying and exploring a wide range of subjects such as Filmmaking, Photography, Recording, Journalism, and Screenwriting

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The following photo series is an exploration of Dubai. The series showcases how different Dubai is from the rest of the world, how there's such a fine line between tradition and luxury, and how the ever-growing and evolving city still remains cultural whilst also being modernized. Dubai is one of seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, which was formed in 1971. The UAE is home to individuals from over 200 nationalities and expatriates make up most of the population, there are more expats than Emiratis. The UAE is a Muslim country, and the country's official language is Arabic, despite English being the most widely used (language). The UAE flag contains the Pan-Arab colours of Red, Green, Black and White, each of these colours represents the history and culture of the UAE. The photographer had taken many steps out of her comfort zone including trying her hand at graphic design in order to make some of these images look different from ‘the ordinary’ with the help of archive images.

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